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Registration for RNA UK 2024 is now open!

Please use the link below to register:


Once you have completed the registration, you will be emailed a link to submit your abstract. All those who submit an abstract will be guaranteed at least a poster presentation opportunity.


The registration fee covers all accommodation and catering costs for the duration of the meeting. The deadline to register is 7th of December 2023, but the maximum number of attendees for this event is capped at 200, so we highly recommend that you register as soon as possible as the event is likely to reach this limit before the deadline.


Similar to previous years, the registration is further limited to a maximum of 4 participants per each lab, to ensure diverse representation from as many teams as possible.

Please note that there are also a number of travel as well as carer's grants available from the Genetics Society and the RNA society. If you like to be considered for these grants, please indicate this in the abstract submission form. If awarded, you will receive these grants after the meeting to reimburse you for the incurred costs.

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